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A pretty gloomy little album that takes its inspiration from my childhood, my friends childhoods, and the perpetual childhood that it sometimes feels like we are all stuck in.


released May 13, 2016

Some of the lyrics were inspired by Alura, Damian, Dillon, Mikey, Jaylen and Josef.



all rights reserved


rawrwar Grande Prairie, Alberta

gritty and winsome acoustic rock with some electronic flair.

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Track Name: SOIL
You are always present unless i look directly at you.
The tapestry you made for me has recently surpassed you.
Complicated problems call for simplified solutions,
Well the soil I was planted in was probably an illusion.

I promised you friendship and I swore it would never stop,
I copied all your homework then charged you with assult,
The madness never ends but evidence remains not on the floor.
Market capitulation, a broken leg, and closet doors.

Hey hey out of my way,
Cuz nothing will stay the same when the bad guys break out.
come down.
Verse 1
Not quite, though you're close.
Why are you looking so morose?
Disastrous state of affairs.
The judges judgement impaired.

One hundred thousand raindrops.
How many liters would that make?
A billion blocked up eavestrophs
I try to clean with a rake.

I see a salamander cross the street,
Try not to crush him with my Jeep
I saw a squirrel shivering in the cold.
I tried to save her but she froze.

Verse 2
But aspirations fall flat.
When the next step is hard to find.
For once just forget all that.
And just go in blind.

Not quite what I'm looking for,
Illicit and secret amour,
Tension headaches and bad moods
Are what I get for staying true.
Track Name: TALL GRASS
I'll run Through the tall grass
You can look for me.
I'll defend myself from all of the potential bully's.

When I'm sad I can't imagine being happy.
And when I'm happy I can't imagine being so sad I wanna die
And my dad I turn and face him see him grab me
And when he grabs me I am swallowed in his arms and I'm alright.

Mom please make me a sandwich I am going outside to play.
Im sad the big kids broke our fort and left porn in its place.
That night I was at home alone,
Thought I had outgrown the only
One I'd known to own
The sea and stones and loam.
The Methadone it won't.
Get dethroned I'm shown
The xy chromosome
ive failed you unbeknownst

To you im Styrofoam.
In the breeze I'm blown.
You were my corner stone
But now the microphone,
Is all that left for me,
As the rent decreased
I will admit defeat,
I am a centipede.

I've been attached to you.
For a year or two.
But please believe we're through.
Theres nothing you can do,
Simplicity is skewed
On top of these issues.
The passing glances grew,
The cash advances you turn into
In the breeze they're blown.
You were my corner stone
But now the microphone,
Is all that left for me,
As the rent decreased
I will admit defeat,
I am a centipede.

Girl you're extra cute
But my executions
Not where it needs to be
I can not even compete
I can not even compete

to you im Styrofoam
in the breeze im blown
the camera focus shows,
something no one knows.
so get your hands off me.
this is the last you'll see
of your fantasy
shit's gone disastrously

why'd you go and let me down?
The cacophony
Of you and of me,
And the view from the window,
The sound of the street.
It's getting old

The powder that comes from the clouds,
Then the sun
That comes round
Bout the time,
That we all want to die,
It's getting cold

So close down the shop,
Let's walk down the block,
Gather round a table,
And now let's just talk,
Bout the way thing have been,
Going. Hey, did you win
when you played
that game of badminton.

As I play hide and seek
with a serial killer
I seriously
Feel upset and off kilter
It's getting weird

Close the curtains in case
somebody puts their face
Near the glass and just waits,
And watches till i wake.
Im getting scared
Track Name: IT'S NOT FAIR
"That's ok kid, my dad didn't care about my interests either."
It's not fair that he would leave her,
All alone to be your leader.
You waited. Fourteen years to have him back but basketballs and scalextrick track.
Distracted you from fighting back.

The other kids made fun of you
For the ways that you were not like them.
They'd always budge in front of you.
And take what did not belong to them.

The subjection was tolerable
but the loneliness was not.
And you suspected then the honourable
Move was unorthodox
To treat your abusers with kindness
To love an enemy
forgiveing everyone for everything
Everywhere for free.

I was alone until my father found me.
"That was close, but when we leave, let's take the other street."
When we get home can I run through the trees?
I don't need clothes when the leaves, they cover me.