Life's a Hoot

by rawrwar

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released November 23, 2015



all rights reserved


rawrwar Grande Prairie, Alberta

gritty and winsome acoustic rock with some electronic flair.

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Track Name: Try Your Best
Make a mess

And Then just clean it up and

Try your best

To ascribe meaning to something,

While the rest

Encode their little secrets

I pretend

When I cursed you I didn't mean it.

Let's watch something Ive never seen.

Let's practice infidelity.

Change tactics, pass them on the right

Then crash into the traffic light.

Oh Congregate

With those who you think like you.

Go on a date

With the first one who says yes.

Yes you are late.

Late for the homecoming dance,

Dance till the day

Light breaks and you pass out,

On a couch

You cannot remember ever

Arriving at this house.

So you grab your shit and you

Get yourself out.

Out of the situation,

Without a doubt, you don't deserve an explanation.

Life lessons take a lifetime,

My senses are desensitized

I'm begging for a refund.

On all my years of wasted time.

The ghosts are in the garden.

Waiting for me to go get food.

I'm inside and I'm starving.

Knew there was never room for you.

Within this little heart of mine

I'm still dyin to try though

To stuff you deep inside my bones

But god he closed The window.

And the doors been locked for years,

The key is lost for good.

The locksmiths out of town.

And this is a fucked up neighbourhood.

So I'll retreat into my bunker where the demons they can't have me.

I'll stay silent think about when I had a tribe and family.

And I'll hope that angels guard me,

While the lunatics go out to play,

I swear to you I never wanted it to ever go this way.

Now you can have my hat and coat they have no value here to me.

I wonder though If you did know how incredibly dear to me.

You have always been.

Now I'm finished for the day.

I swear to you I never wanted it to ever go this way.

a little girl hovers over her newborn brother,
whispers to him, "tell me about God. What's he like? where's he from? I think I've almost forgot."

I swear to you I just need one more chance I just need one more shot.
Track Name: Fantastic
All I needs.
A stroke of luck.
And perhaps one
Of genius.
All I wants.
A little truck.
I'll drive it round.
And let it rust.
Till the end of my days.
I'll pretend I'm okay.
Cuz the sun is shining.
And there's breath in my lungs.
It's a beautiful day.
A songs being sung.
I'm living the dream.
That's the way it seems.
But everything that's fantastic can not be believed.

All I've done.
Is wait around.
Thinkin how,
I love the sound.
The rain makes when,
It hits my head.
Till I realize
I lie in bed.
Now all
I needs
A little
To point
Out where
I have
Gone wrong
I needs
A destiny
To reset me
Back on
My feet .
Track Name: Tuck Me In Pt. 2
Tuck me in, then tear down the walls:

Tell me when, I can escape your claws.

I know that I've been, corrupted by them all,

And ever since then, I've just been waiting to fall.

Sometimes a secret is seen in the curl of your lips.

That's what happened to me, you see my face let it slip.

You didn't wanna believe that Im just a Counterfeit

And that is when I came clean, sometimes it's best to Admit

The solitude ain't so bad, until the nights roll around.

The flag insides at half mast, the raft of life's run aground.

I'll blame my hardships on frailty. turn the music up loud.

And wonder if it is better to be humble or proud.

If I can transcend my past, I'll show up at your door,

Spent all my money on gas, with my foot to the floor,

You react with a gasp, then ask me what I'm here for.

I respond with a pause, and say I'll meet you at four.

Please just toss me a bone. I'm waiting patiently here.

I'm at a table alone. With it's makeshift veneer.

I know it's crazy to think that I can just reappear.

I thought maybe you forgave me sometime in the past year.
Track Name: Protegé
I won't let you take me to the brink of this disaster I don't think I'd ever ask her to accompany a pastor to a company gathering, honestly, whatcha think? About the new successor, I'll try so hard to impress her.

Ring finger protégé. Think quicker, or go away. Win bigger, never stay, the same the same the same.

I won't let you bother me again won't let you get into my head. Id Rather run away instead. And never speak to you again
The Dirt is deceptive until it is your perspective. You realize your just a kid waiting for metamorphosis.
Track Name: Windows
Windows are meant to be broken
But when you get cut
Just think about them
For a change
In the end
We're all the same
Windows are meant to be

Portrait of a dignitary
Diagrams and policies
Picking up a dollar
You discovered in the parking lot
Passing by the devastation
Disrupting your perfect life
Listening to radio
Respecting their lofty plots.

The frailties of corporations
Corrupted by fascism
Forgotten empress capitalizes
Quickly with finesse
Fixtures match the curtains
But the cabinet is finished
With a bright red stain, looks out of place
Against the off white wall.