magazines & paranoia.

by rawrwar

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I feel like I found a pretty nice groove on this album. I wrote track five before anything else and kind of just went from there. Pacifism and girls are major themes on this album. But that's not really new now is it?


released March 8, 2016



all rights reserved


rawrwar Grande Prairie, Alberta

gritty and winsome acoustic rock with some electronic flair.

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Track Name: the problem with me.
The powers that be.
Please pray they practice peace.

The problem with me
Is I'm distracted. Just trying to appease.
A glass of juice in the morn,
It had sat out, so it's lukewarm,
She hears a knock upon the door,
Which Interrupts her mid pour.

The OVRA walk in pointing guns.
And then they drag her out the door.
"a good beating never hurt anyone."
- Mussolini, 1924
They took her inside a prison
Somewhere I would never find
I looked for her but she went missing
Or Perhaps I just went blind.

At the 42 Casablanca conference.
A plan was devised.
Benito and his mistress die
In April 1945
I need a faster acting antidote
Before these fascists slit my throat
I've fastened up my seatbelt tight.
Tonight the type of family fight.
I'd never want to partake in,
But perhaps just this one I'll win
The volume is what sucks me in,
The vicious, and viscous, vision
I saw today... alarming.
You fought against disarming,
The folks just out there farming
The people vs. the army.
Incredible information,
Intercepted on the station,
That we aren't supposed to listen to,
I can't believe I'm still missing you.
Track Name: magazines and paranoia.
Oh god I've got to got to got to got to get out.
Oh god I've got to got to got to got to get out. Of here
I saw a stack of magazines but they just seem so lonely.
I saw the stack of magazines get up and leave the just Disappeared

Kinda find it kinda funny kinda find it kinda sad.
Cuz the dreams in which I'm dying are the only ones I've had. This year.
Paranoia picks up parts of presence inside of my brain.
I'll Come back down from the high just in time to exclaim...

If you respond by being frightened that is just what they want.

I felt vacant can't shake it can you tell that I'm scared
Chasing abrasive looking faces like the face that I wear. All day.
A Timely message made in heaven just what I need to hear.
Indwelling spectre resurrect her and please always be near. I pray.
Track Name: tuck me in again.
Tuck me in then open my soul.
We will begin to experience all
Of the Tyranny and all of the small
Bothersome viewpoints that I can recall.

A dispute it approached me as I entered the street
I decided to distance myself from the police
Panic paints quite the picture, Wouldn't you agree?
Its pulling tight on my heartstrings just like a eulogy.

Cast me out to see, Use me as bait.
So you can retrieve all those people you hate.
Put them to work, manning your gate.
I wish that I could evolve or perhaps at least create

The embryo in your body has a mind of its own.
Destiny is a fountain that has flooded your home.
Now you're out on the street, looking for someone new.
And that is right where we meet, I ask you 'how do you do? '
Track Name: she's not listening.
A dab
of you
Is all
I ask.

Im glad
I grew
Out of the
That fad

empty space is
really full of
energy field

tempting gazes
Usually turn out

empty of real

Running races
Only matters
If the finish
line is stationary

Please don't carry me away.

But rushed
Here me

It's time
For lunch
Dear please
Come eat

Who's this she you sing about in almost every song?
maybe she does not exist. Maybe she's pretend or gone.
Or maybe you have yet to find her but she loves to hear you sing
If she's real and if she's out there I promise she's not listening.
Cuz most the world has more to think about them rhymes writ by a boy.
And by the time I'm good and famous I'll be bitter and destroyed.
And passing up any good opportunity that comes my way,
At least that's how the ones I admire lived out most of their days.

I know there's hope for something different, But if tragedy exists,
Then systematic eradication of this turbulence
is what I'll need to make a breakthrough, broken bones bask in the heat,
Of the desert to remind us of the forgotten deceased.

Are you the weary broken traveller, a long way from her home?
Are you beginning to remember that the future can't be owned.
Track Name: the same charade.
I know
That you want me
And I know
That this could be
And I know
That this is what we both want.

Just goes
To show that
We both
Want it bad
Yeah, so
Um what happens now?

And everyday
The same charade.
Your face is covered
thick with paint.
Im broken down
And so Dismayed.
You're selfish
Abs full of rage.
But perhaps today's the day
That we change and go
The other way.
I'll be waiting forever at the airport.
In case the planes
Arrival changes
I have a change of clothes
Arranged a travel agent
I've been patient oh so patient
you vacation my hearts vacant
See your face but it ain't elated
We embrace but your abrasive

I can't take it x4

Socialism isn't what you think.
I feel a feeling it's distinct.
It reminds me of when you'd bring.
Over your overt offerings
Track Name: taking the expressway.
I've been surrounded by silence,
I've been living in these islands.
Its in the air that I see,
J aime une fille, Jaime une fille.

I think its called serendipity.
When the tulips take your heart away.
My name us susceptibility.
I've been sent to remove your party tray.
And replace it with a plate,
On it a Dozen hand grenades.
I hope that you choose wisely babe.
This could be the last mistake you'll ever make.

And maybe we should just sit in my basement
And listen to some classic Manchester orchestra.
I knew what that look on your face meant
You lost a whole year to the ever sordid flood.
And I'm trying to get away.
In my beat up Chevrolet
Im taking the expressway.
despite my fear I press play.
On the voice message you sent.
To my phone while I sped.
"I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach."