make it up

by rawrwar

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released April 15, 2017



all rights reserved


rawrwar Grande Prairie, Alberta

gritty and winsome acoustic rock with some electronic flair.

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Track Name: after me
I know me, and you know you.
I know a lot of different people in a lot of different moods.
I've had a lot of different friends but never the same crew
for more than a year or two.

I have faith I have doubts.
We were on a role, but now we're on the outs.
Level up, lose a life, liftoff again.
Leave your sorrows at the door, or you'll never ascend.

The future it is pretty but the future isn't pretty for us.

I know you and you know me,
You seem offended by seemingly random bouts of grief.
Intolerable, and tasteless, confused and immature.
I may be all of these things but but I am no longer yours.

I have faith, we have delved,
Into it before but these days its on the shelf.
Level up, lose a life, head for the hills.
The way you say my name, it still can give me chills.

The future it is pretty but the future isn't pretty for us.
The crazy men are after me
Can't you see
We need a new Strategy
Feels like you're mad at me
Track Name: romance in the city
There's romance in the city in the nighttime.

There's romance in the city,
When you dance you look pretty,
In the nighttime. In the nighttime.
I'll throw caution to the breeze
Then I'll photograph dead leaves
In the twilight, in the twilight.
Adventures never end,
Desperados yet again.
It's the right time, it's the right time.

I'm taking down your name,
I know I won't forget your face,
This city is not our home,
Please just put away your phone.
I look around and I see
Apparitions line the street.
Please repeat after me,
We were captives now we're free,
My life's mine
And time flies
I've got five dice
And I drive nice
Cars. The timeline
For us is getting blurry,
The night time
Is the perfect time to hurry.

In the nighttime.
Track Name: Montreal in May
You're not going anywhere
To be honest, I don't care

When I'm there I crave her
The air has flavor

To me you seem ok
an afternoon matinee

I'm going to Montreal in May
I wonder what you all will say

Tip me over
Pour me out
Show me what this
life about
Then wonder why I'm empty
Why are you so unfriendly
Track Name: make it up
The years I could have spent with you
A promise made in vain
The juggling act that raising our children soon became
I'm sorry that I never took my role serious
I'm sorry that I told them that you were a piece of shit.

I need
To make
It up
To you
I need
To make
It up.

I'm still
In love
With you
I'm still
In love.

I wondered like we all are prone to do from time to time.
But I did more than that I swear I lost my mind.
A delicate delivery of neatly crafted words.
Wrapped up in a box with express purpose to cause hurt.
Track Name: a metaphor for my adoration for you
You may make me waste all my time and I'll probably never ask you.
Any question with more weight to it than weather you like cashews.
Or perhaps you have an answer to the huge question of where
The world came from so I ask you but you seem so unprepared.

And devastation leaves a birthmark kinda like the one that shows
Upon my forehead except this one it is on my very soul
A wirey wormhole took me sideways somewhere I dared never go
And disproportionate display settings they disrupted our flow.

Later on
Safe at home
Take a pill
Make me go
Catch a cab
To the store
Trade your old life in for something more.

Later on
Fall in love
With a receptionist who calls you up.
Once or twice
Now and again
Put your eggs in a basket
And then kill the Gd hen.

You may water your favorite plant but it never seems to grow much
Unbeknownst to you its inhibited by the way you never show much
Of your attention to it when you get in one of your bad moods
This is a metaphor for my adoration for you.

And I've got people who've got power who have got it out for those
Who break bonds or break their pacts, promises or oaths
And if you ask me if I want this is it bad if I say no
Cuz your sorrow and apologies they build up my ego.
Track Name: acutely aware
What if everything I wished for automatically came true?
What if everything you dreamed of actually drempt up you.
Do you ever wonder if it's worth it.
Do you ever wonder what your birth meant.

What if I fly and you just float
What if you die and I just don't.
What if the lies all lead to
The part that hurts the most.

What if we're incapable of being compatible.

I don't think we get bonus points for being stupid
But that's exactly what we are.
I'm acutely aware that I don't have it all together

'I don't understand how you can think this way'
I can hardly even take care of myself these days.

I'm dying for the voices to leave me alone for once.
And I'm dying for you to spontaneously combust.