rawrwar 9

by rawrwar

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released January 22, 2016



all rights reserved


rawrwar Grande Prairie, Alberta

gritty and winsome acoustic rock with some electronic flair.

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Track Name: Dhikr
Enemies taking over, but I don't need a grave.
Is this the punishment I get when I misbehave?
Oh take me down to where the river meets the mountain cuz
These days are making no sense, is this just a phase?

Let me give you a clue. I would never get with you.
And if I did I would take you for granted,
Like the person who placed me upon this planet.

Capital hill collapsing, When it hears the truth.
God-awful contradictions remind me of you.
Yeah bring me down, to where the living drink from the fountain cuz.
Self sacrifice just stumbled right out of the room.
Track Name: Glossolalia
I was captured by the coral reef.
They found me shakin like a leaf.
A guttural prophesy.
Life bursting forth from a seed.
It's dangerous to be set free
Left alone in the open sea.
I'm tentative to ask for more;
When there's a whole world to explore.

The more you take the more I'll give.
The misdirection has begun.
If you show me the way to live.
Then I'll show you another one.

I'm astounded by your apathy,
Ignoring such a tragedy,
We cannot see the ocean floor.
But being ornery won't help the score.
They'll take your ticket at the door.
You'll here some superstitious lore.
Your adorable but you're a bore
I think I'll leave you and go explore.

Swimming around purposelessly.
Is dangerous, I can't believe.
I let you lead me all this way.
You always were one to misbehave:
I read all the warning signs.
But I still never realized,
Signs deceive, like you and me,
So make amends and make believe.
Track Name: Ahimsa
These bright lights are not pretty.
Where are you kitty?
My house has disappeared.

These people must be crazy.
To destroy the folks who raised me.
Nothing is worth this recklessness

When you hurt them.
You hurt me.
And you hurt yourself.
When you kill them,
It kills me,
And it kills your spark as well.

I see glimpses of spaces.
Quite unlike these places.
Where I've lived all my life.

Crowded and filled with horror.
I'm looking for a door,
or, Some sort of escape.

It's not much better here.
There's blood in that man's beard.
Perhaps this is the end.

They take what ever measures
For such simple pleasures
Like my flesh upon their plate.


Will you deal with my incoherence
As I explain my ideals
I feel like ever since, this interference,
Things have gotten real.

You start yawning.
I hope you can understand
I stand under the awning.
Waiting for you to grab my hand.

But when you don't, I
just think about the time,
You got mad, took the knife,
In your hand and stabbed mine,
The attack we kept secret.
Would they even believe it?
I wish it was the only time
You crossed that line.
Track Name: Tikkun Olam
This time it's real this time it feels like someone's pulling strings somewhere.

You seem surreal, so take don't steal please help me create something.

I fell in the fast track and it started to rise.
There's nothing to see here but the stars in your eyes.
And when I come down from this magical high,
I get a small feeling that tragedy is nigh
You left me waiting in a bitter surprise.
But I can't help but see through your sinister guise.
Is there something to fight for, is it all in my hands?
If you give it to me you can be sure it will end.

Stars grow cold. Why are they so far away?
I guarantee you.
Nothing harmful in the world will get in the way."
We'll keep it out, so never doubt because I swear we'll win this game.
I'll say it again, while you pretend, that you're not really listening.
For all you gave and all you know I'll give you one hell of a show.
If you don't make it out alive, you'll leave behind a special glow.
The world is sick.
But we can find our way through it.
The world is sick.
But We can maybe even change it.
Track Name: Murakaba
I'm hungry, im cold.
I'm out of control.
I'm not sure I'm good enough.
I bet I'm looking rough.

Please watch over me as I mediate on you.
I'm searching silently for stillness, but immediately I move.
And make a sound that sounds somewhat like a criminal offence
I underestimate my ability to avoid your presence.

You wrap your loving arms around this wretched thing called me,
And I can't breath And I can't breath
And I can't breath And I can't breath

You have consumed me with you presence and present me with a Squeeze.
And I can't breath And I can't breath
And I can't breath And I can't breath

You are everything that I need, everything that I need, everything that I need, you are, everything that I need.

Your face is astounding, it's 10000 degrees.
Your face looks like music, and newly bloomed trees.
Like a downpour in springtime like a windstorm in fall.
You are my all in all.