Run for Cover

by rawrwar

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released February 1, 2017



all rights reserved


rawrwar Grande Prairie, Alberta

gritty and winsome acoustic rock with some electronic flair.

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Track Name: Run for Cover
Run for cover cover cover cover oooohh
I wanna be your lover lover lover under cover

I want
to fall
in love
I want to fall in love.
I want
to fall
in love
I want to call you up.

Run for cover tonight
Never mind their spite
If they shove her I might
Respond in kind
I'm lost inside
This soft white light
I've gotta hide
So as to not die

I wanna make it right
This tasteless plight
I've lost my sight
So now I'm blind
The morning comes
But it's too slow
The scheming turns
My blood to snow
I'd love to hold
A tiny box
Made of gold
With precious rocks
Embedded in
It's shiny skin
And held within
Your next weapon.
Track Name: Money
I'm seeing the future and it's suckin me in and it's sounding quite symphonic.

Now I'm counting my blessings and I'm making a list and your the first and last thing on it.

To be honest
I've got it
Figured out I've been plottin
You know I want it
I'm all in
I fell a few years ago and I'm still fallin

I hear sirens
Guns firin
Why am I making songs when I should be climbin
A corporate ladder
It's cuz the latter
Is borin I'll be snorin making money never mattered

My waters tonic
I'm electronic
I hope that this back pain ain't chronic
Having conflict
With the demonic
And I keep on knockin cuz of what you promised

It's shockin
How you keep shoppin
And how hedonistic you have gotten
The robbers
Keep robbin
The police
Can't stop em
Track Name: Pain
The sound of breath
And your caress
Your skin is soft,
Our clothes come off,
The rain it drops,
The pain it stops.

But in the morning pain comes back
The rain is pouring I relax,
My brain does not because it can't.
Stop thinking bout your perfect hands.
And where they went and where they'll move
The wherewithal within insues
The signs were clear but I still lose
My mind when fear comes and consumes.

The coast is clear
I'm mostly here
The goal is near
Your hold is dear
I'm listening
Wishing things
Would come to pass
Our christenings
Track Name: Berzerk
I've gone astray
The disarray
It is what makes
Me miss your face

If I may
Come over and play
I might show up
But I won't stay

Cuz I'm depressed
And like the rest
That aren't the best
Ive failed the test

I mailed you what's
Left of your stuff
I am a man
But I'm not tough

I ask you what's new, you say lots
Your drinking whisky on the rocks
I'm having suicidal thoughts
But taking care of me, is not your job.
I can barely breath, oh my god
The restlessness is here but not
Your cold caress feels like a fog
Has surrounded me now I'm lost.

I've gone bezerk
I'll make you hurt
I'll take your chest
Fill it with dirt

I'll take revenge
You can't pretend
That you won't let
Yourself defend

Now i've collapsed
It happened fast
As Chance would have it
I've got nothing left

The war is over
Hoards of soldiers
On the ground,
The same old borders.
Track Name: Wildebeest
I don't have to be a masterpiece
I'm glad to be a wildebeest
I have to see these casualties
As a military catastrophe

I'm Johnathan, the Baptiste
I'm heading south by southeast
No diplomat just a mouthpiece
A messenger so unworthy
Will I ever be released
Do not forget, what I preached
Incarcerated, at a feast
She took my head now I'm deceased

A dastardly thing to do
Your followers are missing you
Keep a look out, someone new
Is coming soon, he's coming through
Drink and never thirst again
Seek and you shall find
I am the way and the truth and the life.
Track Name: Hacksaw
A beautiful lesson in how to lessen the pain.
A beautiful photo of a beautiful game
A beautiful hacksaw, your beautiful limb.
Your beautiful fist, my beautiful chin.

A beautiful refuge
In your beautiful name
A beautiful excuse
To catch the next plane

A beautiful thank you, A beautiful plan.
A beautiful rescue from your rude and dull man.
A passive attempt at some kind of attention,
Turns into mutual love and affection.

A beautiful model, and a wonderful show.
I'm new to full throttle but I'm done with goin slow.
Deliver my blessings, to all those in need.
A beautiful day for me to make believe.

The most beautiful endings are those that don't exist.
The most beautiful wisdom won't be found in a list.
The most beautiful fortune is one given away.
You're most beautiful features are your patience and grace.
Track Name: Apeldoorn
On Queens day in Apeldoorn a man got behind the wheel.
And as approached high speeds,
His plan was soon revealed.
38-year-old Dutch national named Karst Roeland Tates.
drove his car through people lining the street watching the parade

Oh ohhhh
There are places we were never meant to go.
Oh ohhhhh
The pilgrimage has torn away my home.

In 2006, a US drone
fired a missile at some rural Pakistani homes.
They had a hunch that some AL quida members were meeting, but they were wrong.
18 villagers were murdered, to them I dedicate this song.

And there's no one right way to live life but there are lots of wrong ones.
I'm Albertan but I won't complain if they take away our long guns.
There's no badge for nonviolence
And there is no reward
for conscientiously objecting to participate in war.
my Anabaptist ancestors lived a peacefull and simple life.
I think I can do the same because fame is overpriced.
I'd like to be patient and kind, even when I don't have a reason.
For love there is no prize.
But there's a price for treason.