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by rawrwar

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released March 16, 2017



all rights reserved


rawrwar Grande Prairie, Alberta

gritty and winsome acoustic rock with some electronic flair.

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Track Name: giving in
Giving in
Listen kid
Vision is
His mission

But now he's back to usin'
Lost in the confusion
They took him in and now he's
On the road to electrocution

I made some bad decisions and the consequences hurt.
'I could definitely die for you, but I could never watch you burn'

Everybody runs
Getting rather dumb
Television screens
Are entering my dreams.

So now I'm goin back to sleep
There's a killer in the Jeep
There's also unlimited access to water
But the salt Keeps me from drinking the sea.
Track Name: giving up
I think I'm giving up.

I wish I was five years younger.
I wish I was not so boring.

The talent scouts are out and about
No I have no doubt that they see right through me.

If you Kindly could just forget I ever lived,
I would appreciate it.

I think I'm still child

I wish I was more responsible.
I wish I had the strength to make a difference.

The holy ghost is out and looking for someone to envelop,
I have doubts that she'll see me.

I'm board
So I'm evening
The score
This evening
Dear Lord
You're bleeding
I'm yours
But I'm leaving
A few years
At least Till new years
For what reason
You ask
I'm board
I thought you knew that
Track Name: lady luck
Lady luck
Where are you going
Why'd you leave
Without warning

Lady Luck where did you go
and how did you expect me to live on my own

i guess that i was less than impressed with second best.
Track Name: giving thanks
thanks for everything
I couldn't have made it without you
It if I did it would have been a lot more awful than it was.

Thanks for listening
cause if you hadnt been there to hear me
I'd have had to take this with me and who knows where I'd be now.

Thanks for coming with me
I know I could have gone alone.
But when your facing the unknown, it's nice to have a taste of home.

Be thou my vision.
Help me to listen.

Thanks for your time
These days I have so much to give but my heart is not used to it, so I still end up being selfish.

Thank you for your teaching
I don't know where I would be without it.
Now I have faith the glow is staying put.

Thanks for placing hope in me.
I honestly hope to see.
A destination far from here but near enough to most of me.

Now I'm looking down at both of these
Pills in my hand I'm supposed to be
Responsible but ghosts they seem
To haunt me when I'm mostly clean
I'm getting low on groceries
let's learn to pray the rosary,
Purfume the room with Potpourri
I'll meet you at the rotary

I'll meet you in the kitchen
I'm asking What's happening within
I'm here just to listen

(The Score
by Robert William Service)

I asked a silver sage
With race nigh run:
'Tell me in old of age
Your wisdom won?'
Said he: 'From fret and strife
And vain vexation,
The all I've learned from life

I asked a Bard who thrummed
A harp clay-cold:
'How is your story summed
Now you are old?'
Though golden voice was his,
And fame had he,
He sighed: 'The finish is

I'm old; I have no wealth
Toil to reward;
Yet for the boon of health
I thank the Lord.

While Beauty I can see,
To live is good;
And so life's crown to me
Track Name: giving grace
I'm tired if giving grace

There's a killer in library and he's trying to get away

There's a killer in my mind, and oh the things he makes me say.

It's embarrassing to think about what happened yesterday.

Did someone take me
Today was payday
I've been broke lately

If I say mayday
You will save me
I feel hazy

I'm tired of giving grace
Moving place to place to place
The last three years have been a waste
I might just need a change of pace.

I'm spent x4
My limbs have all gone numb
I need you to hold me down again
So I don't do something dumb.

And I'm tired of giving grace.
I'm tired of giving grace
There's a killer in the library and he's trying to get away.
Get away with a crime that I'm not willing to commit.
It is about time to line them up and take your pick.

Cuz I'm freezing. It's cold out.
Can you hear me.
I was told out
Here it's pleasant
But it isn't.
I was promised something hidden.

And I'm tired of giving grace.
I'm tired of giving grace
There's a killer in the library and he's trying to get away.
Get away with a crime that I'm not willing to commit.
It is about time to line them up and take your pick.

and ive got nothing left to tell you and ive got nothing left to take
and ive now broken all these branches so there are now none left to break.
ive been hording all the food and drink that i could get my hands on
waiting for an apocalyptic renaissance, ill stand on
every word every prophet ever told me in the past
im taking all of you for granted because none of you will last
i am my own and you are nothing when the world comes crashing down.
a little kindness goes a long way - a long way into the ground.
so do not forgive my transgressions cuz ill just transgress again,
and if you think im looking out for you that you can guess again.
Track Name: stealthy
I do not need to be here with you
but I still choose to see you through.

You're bringing me down
Your bringing me down
You're bringing me down, to you're level.

But I'll keep you around, cuz you're worthy.

Now you're freaking me out. Sup just tell me

What this is about
What this is about
why the hell are you being so stealthy.

You're on my mind
And in my prayers
Try to fight but
Thoughts impaired
Very bright
At least compared
To most the guys
Still you're scared
They're telling lies
Your fear is shared
I was not surprised
To find there
In a chair
There are times
That I care
More of my
Own despair
You're on my mind
and in my prayers

I'm giving in, I'm giving up
I've lost touch with Lady luck
I'm giving thanks for being given grace,
But I'm still stealthy just in case.