sick days

by rawrwar

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released January 4, 2017



all rights reserved


rawrwar Grande Prairie, Alberta

gritty and winsome acoustic rock with some electronic flair.

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Track Name: maybe i'll believe
So let's go
Somewhere far
From the snow
From the tar
On the roads
And the scars
on our souls
And on ourhearts

go to the ocean, think safety
I'm approachin you carefully.
You dove in with bare feet
Your in motion I'm just staring.

I'm a bandit your imported.
Organic is important.
My bottles they Aren't sorted.
Full throttle till you're soar did
That sandwich make our kiss taste
Like cabbage or like fish? Lay
bad habits all out on display.
I've had it with your "sick days."

I'm sad but it's not your fault.
I'm bad at adding more salt
Our foods now over salted.
I know we're both adults, did
You mean to keep my kia
You left me with no idea
Why you left
Although you said
A few days prior "I'm gonna leave ya"

Now the road is ice and I'm stuck
Trying to be nice but life sucks
When your underappreciated
I Undo the mess, you make it.
Now I can hardly take it
What if this whole time you faked it
If this cannot last forever
Then does that mean it's all wasted?

you gotta know what I said to you back there I never meant it
I don't even know why I ever even said it
fix me up fix me up turn me upside down and then
send me out send me out into the world and watch me spend
All my time taking part in some less than worthwhile things
As I search for a job I know I should be searching
For a god or some meaning beyond comfort and ease
Take me down to the river once again and maybe I'll believe.
Track Name: i can't stop writing love songs
Words have materiality
And you can take it farther
I just fell off a cliff
The sky is nice but ground is harder

I didn't think that this was written with permanent marker

Remember hanging out in jaydes room where we lit those sparklers.

And I've never been to Harvard
But I do take out the garbage
And I very rarely get around to going to the barber.

My car is not armored,
But it does have a phone charger
My mother is a gardener
And my God is a self starter

And my family is my harbor
Whom I harbor no ill will against
I think about things larger
Than if i should take offense

I know I'm not a martyr
Please don't cry at my departure
I'm confused as to if Cupid is a vulture or an archer.

I'm in tune with musics nuances and I'll assume that that is part of
Why I can't stop writing love songs about vehicles and star dust.
I'm in need of some more info on locations of these lightning bugs.
I'm seeking out a staples to pick up a pack oll0f white outs cuz

You know I'm gonna need em.
For all the mistakes I'm bound to make
If dad shows up I'll greet him
See if he'll cook up a few pancakes.
And if not that's okay
Perhaps another day
Perhaps we're all just late
For the exact same train.
Track Name: i've got nothin to say
I'm leaning on the everlasting arms
And I hope I never bring you any harm.

It getting kinda tough now not to panic.
Cuz I realize I've been taking you for granted.

The more I push aside my very soul
The less end up feeling terrible.

The signature I left upon the paper
Is one more reason I can never hate her.

There is no scientific explanation
To why I feel inside such desperation

And I've got nothing to say and I've got nothing to do and I've got nothing to stop my fall for you.

And I've got nothing to say and I've got nothing to do and I've got no reason not to fall for you.
Track Name: i'll make a name for you
Come now sleep in the bed I made for you
I'll make a name for you.
I'll stay the same for you.
Come and be with the one who you live for.
I'm done with the simple.
I'm not someone to sin for.

But days and days and days and days have gone by.
The way you play the game it ain't how ide like.
The saints they gave me grace to make the most of.
These days but days away from safety - I don't love.

I thought I told you
I'd like to hold you
In this city.

I thought I asked if
Love it lasted
You said Iill never
understand it
Track Name: i have no clue
Disregard all the words I've ever sang to you from stage
Some times you were present other times you were away
Some would say the last thing i want is for us to get estranged
Pick up your cross and cross the bridge and please don't leave no please just stay.

Absence makes my heart a murderer
I swear I've never heard of her
I admire how you've learned to blur
The line between birth and dirt

And interspersed between us
The universal Jesus
While All others deceive us
I know you never leave us
I hope what we have pleases
You, i know my strength is weakness
Your love it leaves us speechless
Still I can't help but be mischievous.

The living all are dying
Perhaps the dead all truly live
My plane I'm in is flying
But it's heading toward a cliff
You are my copilot
When did life get so violent
This airplane is amazing
But I have no clue how to fly it
Track Name: i'm sick
She's passively
Passing me
The stash of weed
Im laughing we
Live happily
Ever after see
I'm a piece
Of crap I need
This tragedy
To end and then
You have to see
The cash all leave
And as it leaves

You watch as I go
Back to sleep

I'm the biggest hypocrite of 2017
I'm the wickedest witch livin on this side of the steam.
And I'm still looking westward while the whole world looks East.
The Easy way would be to leave but ooh no that ain't me.

Sick of being laughed at.
Sick of all these Cash grabs.
Sick of losing gas caps.

The followers
Swallow your
Arguments whole
While all of your
Little ones
Feel they don't belong
I'm a little stunned
At just how wrong
You've always been
And all these sins
You invent
To protect
From being seen as who you are
No help
for the wicked or the kid with the scar.
Track Name: i've got existential issues
I've got existential issues
You've got extra special tissues
Which you use to wipe the tears away
And then create paper mache

I wish for ten one inch screws
The list it then continues
With a business trip to candy land
An optimistic right hand man
A tool belt full of brand new
Tools. i understand you
Have never been this far from home
Well Trevor since this car won't go
Much further down the road
We will have to load
Our belongings into the Jeep
You drive so I can sleep.

I wish I made more sense I've dealt
With trying to find my sense of self
And coming up empty handed
I just can't understand it
I've duely noted all the best
Exit strategies you left
The dialect in disarray
I'm so glad that you're here to stay x7
I sure hope that you are here to stay.

I feel like I've been crumpled up
Perhaps I'm just down on my luck
when we speak I just Mumble stuff
We went out but the lunch it sucked
a big decisions comin up
I've got problems for one I'm stuck
In fear I'm scared I'll mess this up
There'll be nothing good left once I'm done.
I'm trying to mature
But life is just a blur
And I know your not the cancer
But your also not the answer
So I'm stuck looking for a cure
Trying my best to stay pure
But my efforts met with laughter
Are you my lover or my captor?

I'm trying to make my dreams come true
But few of them include you
So what am I supposed to do
I don't know how to break the news
I wonder how you'd take the news
Would your reaction make the news
I dreamed last night an assassin
Assassinated me then threw
My Body in a lake
And you swam in to find me
Surrendered to the water
It was suspicious Timing
Inside you was my daughter
Who you were not gonna keep
But now she's all that's left of me
I awake and can't fall back to sleep.