something clean to wear

by rawrwar

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Jesse Nakano lyrics are so incredible Favorite track: the lord of west virginia.
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Written and recorded mostly while at rockridge canyon during the month of August.

the songs are mostly about missing people and being insecure.


released September 10, 2016

-kb painted the album art



all rights reserved


rawrwar Grande Prairie, Alberta

gritty and winsome acoustic rock with some electronic flair.

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Track Name: the lord of west virginia
When the Lord of all the roses comes down falling from the sky,
I will prepare for him three horses, we will ride into the night.

When the Lord of all the curious, finally gets his way,
He will lead, we will follow and he'll
Lead the sheep astray.

When the party takes your heart to places it has never been,
Please don't tell me about your suffering,
Just please keep it between you

And the Lord of all the waters where the wanderers dip their feet,
And where the newborns, you can find them being washed within the streams.

I can't explain how I'm feeling and I can't explain the way that absolution,
And my movements both combine To provide pain.

When I sort through my behavior,
Just to find out I was wrong,
I will post most of the findings in the footnotes of this song.

If sixteen caverns cannot hide me,
Maybe this was Meant to be.
we both are currently surrounded
By Earths finest Pottery.

Im describing perfect placement for your perfect harmony.
I guess I'll wait in the basement
I don't know what you did to me

When the Lord of California opens California's gates, the Californians will get desperate and start swarming other states.

When the Lord of misdirection misdirects me to the bay,
Thunder Bay Ontario, should I stay or should I go?

Product of my environment,
A product of the dark.
And if I go into hiding
I'll be right back at the start.
Of where I entered this abysmal maze of fruitloop coloured sand,
The world is chalk full of single ladies who refuse to take my hand.

When the Lord of San Francisco stands on the Golden gate bridge,
That's when the Lord of San Francisco becomes San Francisco's bitch.

When the Lord of thedis Island he decides form a team, Ill have decided to divide them then force them to worship me,

When the Lord of Massachusetts manages to massacre, all of the mothers, and their babies,
And their puppies it will hurt.

But when the Lord of West Virginia's Virginia ears they hear this song hell go to war with all the war lords and teach them to get along.
Track Name: if you need me,
If you need me
I'll be leaving
If you hear me
It's cuz I am screaming

Wait for me across the bridge
Give me a little time
I'm enjoying being on my own tonight.
Stay with me through all this,
This ain't biblical times
And i also enjoy staying overnight

Which one of you
Picked up a new
Book on Balloons
Look Above you

See them float by
We can go live
Weekends don't lie
But maybe you do.

Copy paste it
Hardly waste it
Sloppy taste it
Heartbeat raises

Learned to miss you
Went through tissues
Burned and misused
Meant to fix you.

Stay with me in the storm
stay with me in the dark
Stay with me stay inside my mind and heart
Stay in the way of peace
Blessed are the meek
So why am I on a the carpet
Lying motionless incapable of knowing this
is almost over
Tallest order
Calling over
Our supporters
All together
Taunted, warmer,
Tar and feathered
Drawn and quartered
Stay with me in the storm
stay with me in the dark
Oh ok you're here too
Track Name: windy city laughter
Let's move to a ghost town.
Not too far away but not too close now.
Do what we can to get the most out
Of our time on this earth, check out so cal.

Hang out on the beach every evening,
Writing and laughing and beaming.
Sundown but your face shining.
Lately I have been finding
That you and I just might be able to get stable celebrate it, could
go further than we originally anticipated.


Let's get an 88 honda,
Invent a new genre
Tour the country
Spend a few weeks in Montre
All , all of the people
We happen to meet,
We will remember
Yeah those friendships we'll keep.

Let's grow our own grapes, let's make our own wine.
Let's record a mixtape, but never put it online.
Let's go on a date, let's go on a hike,
Let's find some old parts and assemble some bikes.
Let's make new trails, let's laugh a lot.
Hope this thing don't fail because it's all that we got.
Where would we even sail, if we had a yaught?
I wonder what it entails, to talk to god.

Let's take a year off
And travel the earth
Don't know how many we got,
Been wanting this all since birth,
I miss you a lot,
Whenever I'm gone,
So I'm writing these songs.

Let's get a boat without a motor,
Just go out and float while growing older.
Just soak in the world,
Just as it is,
Invest in good memories
Then cash em in.
Track Name: ...of glowing things
I'm slightly scared I'll lose the glow thats been planted in my soul

And I hope you have my back and I hope you're here to stay
But my ropes got so much slack, and now I'm feeling much less brave.
I am getting rather frightened so I yell at my Bellay
But they do not respond to me, their gone my knees turn to jelly.

It seems that I am here alone now, in the middle of the cliff.
The top is closer but the bottoms got a certain ring to it,
So please be careful cuz I care for you, but I still feel stuck.
Way above the ground screaming loudly what bad luck.

I've been searching the Internet for opinions justifying
the way that I've been living but I am just not finding
Much of anything and that is starting to make me uneasy
Bout the future and the fact that parting ways would leave us bleeding.

Tall and strong but hates traditions that to me seem resilient.
Call upon a great physician just to ask to hear his brilliance.
If I shut him down now will I ever hear from him again
And if I follow my own path will THAT lead to a bitter end.

I'm fake ×8
There is no dirt left to shovel now and no leaves left to rake.

I'll take x8
Anything that resembles love and go and throw it in the lake,
Track Name: pop sensibility
I got my pop sensibilities and my rock moves but I'm still .--- missin you
.-.- I'm missin you ---- I'm missin you

I got food on my table and a place with a roof but im
Missing you

I got a great opportunity to hit the road
You know, it's one of those that I'd hate to blow
Can I get a witness to witness this
This winning combination of vision and grit.
Ive been wishing for a while for companionship
We've been winning for a while but are we fans of this?
If adversity hits are we calling it quits
When university calls are you finished with this
Ingenuity is and always has been
In the room with me and I've been soakin it in.
I'm a soon to be champion I'm roping you in,
Feel the groove with me, have you been hoping I'd sin?

I got drugs in my system and a holes in my shoes and I'm
Missin you

I got an empire of wealth and a room with a view.
But I'm missin you.

I got a black eye, scraped knee, and nothing to do
And I'm Missin you

I got a small small problem and it's eating me whole.
I gotta sing so I don't lose the glow in my soul,
I got a thing for the ppl with the holiest goals,
But the turn that this has taken it is taking its toll
the people I'm in love with are 1000 k away.
I hope I'm normal again by the time they land the plane.
I hope when I land I don't lose my faith,
I know that the plan is already in place.

I'm not even sure if God and i
are on speaking terms right now, it's tough
But I know I'll be heard by someone in the sky
I know ill be heard If I yell loud enough
Is it alright if I wait to repent?
2017 seems like the year to relent,
Not my will but yours instead
The bible is in my head
But I can't live it out the way I'm supposed to do,
And I know that's disappointing to most of you,
Who I met prior to the year 2012
I wonder how many Christians think I'm going to hell.
I dont follow Jesus like I wish I would
And I know who I am and I know I'm good
But I can't seem to become myself.
I wonder how many how many ppl think I'm going to hell.
Track Name: something clean to wear
A kite is a fish that you have already caught.
In a pool where no fish come from.
Is the sky it's own god?

My hands are for holding
other peoples hands. not loading
Up those machine guns. Or holding
A weapon. Find me folding,
Up my laundry so I have
Some thing clean to wear to school.
Cuz I remember in the past,
Being out of clean clothes, that's not cool.
And I don't got much to tell you bout my past cuz it's a fable
And the story it's boring and to be honest I'm unable
To open up and tell something resembling the truth
I mean I seem to get a reaction when I say I was abused
But trading lies for looks on faces makes itself a waste of space.
And gaining ties based on made up escapades it makes me faint.
Faint of heart and out of breath and lacking sleep and on the fence
Painting parts that I can reach from my perch here: time we'll spent
A load of laundry could be useful if life is lived in this position
Sinking feelings, Savage beasts, seemingly seeking new traditions
All alone
All alone
All alone till mom gets home
Track Name: evelyn isn't pro·mis·cu·ous
A life lived half aware of what is really going on,
Yeah you could say that that describes me, usually but today you're wrong.
And secrecy
And gardens full of snakes
Is it fair I seem to miss your kiss,
I'm scared you're being promiscuous.

My wife has gone to some far off place in search of greenery.
The locals probably love her there. She's beautiful, believe you me.
Case may be that tales of trees
Are what drew her away from me
Is it fair I seem to miss your kiss,
I'm scared you're being promiscuous.

Its tragic Everything that's made of metal always rusts
The magic that we though was had was just two humans made of dust.
The passing train is representative of everything you lost.
We are the same, but sometimes independence it Comes with a cost.