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released June 18, 2017



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


rawrwar Grande Prairie, Alberta

gritty and winsome acoustic rock with some electronic flair.

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Track Name: The Magic Michigan Murder (prod. DJ Brenny)
oh Detroit is a city in
The state of Michigan
Where I went to a magic show
Where there was an incident

I do not know how the hell this could have happened.
The show usually goes so Well, was I distracted.

The mm He is one of a kind
But The Michigan magician's got a lot on his mind.
The magic trick went wrong, and he murdered his assistant,
And now the Michigan magician is going to prison.

He got married three months ago to his favorite assistant,
He put her in a box , and with confidence,
He fired up his chainsaw, and cut his wife in half,
Blood flooded the stage, and the audience gasped.

This is just like a movie
Except we're behind the scenes
This is just like a movie
Or some messed up kind of dream
If this was a Movie
I would throw out the dvd
Now I'm watching a movie
As a means to try to sleep.
Track Name: New Gospel
i dont even know whats going on.

Ive lost all my money
I'll toss you my gun because
The cost isn't funny
The new gospel is coming

So just sit around and show and show me more
I need your love like the ocean floor
And I need your hands and I need your waist
And i need your tracks so I can continue chase

California is a blue state, where the sun always shines
And when I told you about the new rage, it had already died,
All our money will be worthless when our Nations turn to ash
And retirement is a luxury not everybody has.

Hey girl Please believe me
You look great in that Peach bikini
You look stressed why not take it easy
Let me buy you a Peach bellini
Track Name: Held Hostage in a Hostel
This is not the end even if you think it is
this is just the way that things are.
Band-Aids do not heal they just keep the cut
Clean and prevent infection and scars.

Held hostage in a hostel
With my favorite Pentecostal
I don't know what's in this bottle
Held hostage in a hostel
Please just hold on to your horses,
There's no need to preach the gospel
Let's take count of our resources.
Held hostage in a hostel.

Arithmomania is a mental disorder that may be seen
as an expression of (OCD).
Those suffering from this disorder have a strong need to count
their actions or the objects that surround.

I am a whiney whiney whiney whiney whiney little man
Who complains a lot when life does not go exactly as planned.
And Im a delicate delicate delicate man
Who git called a cunt because of a that I liked on Instagram.
And I'm a petty Petty Petty Petty Petty Petty dude.
Who needs a little extra grace when it comes to his attitude.
Track Name: Lightning
I try to fight it, but the jealousy still gets out.
And I do not like it when you stay the night at your friend's house.
And the lightning barely strikes but when it does.
I don't want to be hiding away in disgust.

Now I'm Catching my breath​ cuz my
Gut feels like death and I
Have lost respect I try
To see what's next but I
I'm here stuck in debt cuz I
Got nothing left and I
Have been telling myself lies
Using you as a prize
I don't know what you want
Eloquent and unlocked
I was embedded before I was shot.
And I've gotta figure this out now while there's still time.

While I was out today
I found you a nice bouquet
Why not make your way?
You need Place to stay?

I'm upset again I'm upset again and I really wish I wasn't. X2
I'd be lying if I said I couldn't wait another day or if I said I don't regularly think of laying waste
To everything that's keeping this dys·to·pi·a together.
If she tries to go behind my back I know that I won't let her.
Cuz the ointment that I use to heal my wounds It cannot help with
And depositions end up missing the point. It was eminent.
Track Name: CN Tower
And even though this afternoon, things went sour,
I'll be waiting for you at the CN tower.

Let's go to France
Just for a week
Let's shake hands
with the meek
All these brands
that you seek
They all prey
on the weak.

While I pray
For the strong.
And make
Up a song.
And take
All your wrongs
And make
them my own.

Let me live
Free from dirt
Free to travel
Through the Earth
End up stoned
Left alone
Dragged outside
the city oohhh

Charging is complete, so please unplug your charger Daniel.
Track Name: Zoo
I've been here far to long.
Gates opened so I'm gone.
People seemed rather fond
Of me splashing in my pond.

But now I'm gone X4

You can't pet me
you can't get me
To do exactly what you want.

if I had 70 million dollars I'd buy me a zoo
And accidentally let every single animal loose.
It would be Planet of the Apes in this city
planetof zebras
planetof ostriches
planetof lemurs.

You can't oversee me.
You probably wanna be me.
Because now that im free see
How life is nice and easy.

The animals are back in love
Monogamous and shakin up
The humans all are mad and frust
Trated it is fabulous.

The bad guys they are after us
I'm flying through the atmos
Fear, it's in my bones now.
I'm trying to find my home now.
I'm trying to figure out how
I let them take me for granted
Fir so long I was trapped in
There But I'm no longer stranded.