The Hypnotist

by rawrwar

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released March 29, 2015



all rights reserved


rawrwar Grande Prairie, Alberta

gritty and winsome acoustic rock with some electronic flair.

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Track Name: The Highjacking
The music plays it's nice but I dont here it at all.
The way she moves has got me bouncing off the walls.
The game is happening but I can't sink a thing,
She's taking drink orders i stand there listening.

This nights been high jacked by the spring in your step. By the arch in your back, this nights been high jacked.
This nights been high jacked by the glowing from your face,
You are the one I lack, this nights been high jacked.

I wander around the room hoping our paths cross,
They eventually do. I try to speak, my voice is gone.
Maybe next weekend we can learn each other's names.
That's step one. Once it's done, we will advance to the next phase.

At last it's come to pass we were talking outside and alone.
You got a text, what happened next made me wonder bout who's name came up in your phone.
You apologized when you realized I was sad that you had to go.
I'm not pissed I'm just curious if this is just a part of the show.
Track Name: The Haze
The soil sang it's swan song, as it's cavities were filled.
As the graveyard gave it's last breath, The reverend was thrilled
with the
Way the new foundation, was poured upon the past,
The ligaments were without bones,
Like a ship without a mast,

Familiar times bring sudden change,
Suddenly the changes cease.
The wave of widespread recognition, lapsed like a forgotten lease.
Bloated egos ended up living
Long past their useful days.
What used to be so Chrystal clear to me now cowers is a haze.

I'm terrified.

Of what I'll find.

If I unbar

My bridled mind
Track Name: The Hypnotist
Is fear is a liar, or is she my best friend.
Am I a crier, or emotionally spent?
A candelabra and some oxidized wine.
Its all awful but I say it's all fine.

A fractured collarbone, on a Saturday.
Nuclear fallout, Footprints in the clay.
A failed experiment, I'm on the run.
From the past and present and your loaded gun.

24 karrot gold.
All his stuff getting old.
Its worth the risk.
At least, that's what I heard from the hypnotist.

We are robots falling in love,
It's all orchestrated by an omipotent Cupid.
If we break up it might be tough.
But don't look at me like I'm stupid.