The Pavement is Dry

by rawrwar

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released June 29, 2016



all rights reserved


rawrwar Grande Prairie, Alberta

gritty and winsome acoustic rock with some electronic flair.

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Track Name: Oh Sweet Medusa
You may race me at Mario Kart and you'll probably always beat me
the marijuana that I've tried almost always makes me sleepy.
Social anxiety is something I still often experience as a grown up.
Cigarettes contain carcinogens and make me wanna throw up.
The dualistic Christianity is was raised with is disturbing,
Platonic and gnostic thought ought of be weeded out, my wording
Could be better but I've never been as poetic as I'd like to be.
I hope this doesn't make anybody be less nice to me.

It's nice to see, you please believe, you're the cutest one in town
If I ignore you I'm an idiot, but please remove that frown,
I'm scared it's cuzza me, it doesn't mean you hate me but you might,
Oh sweet Medusa, I'm not used to you, you gave me quite a fright.

Oh sweet Medusa I'm not used to you you gave me quite a fright,
The light inside you used to draw me close but now it's just a light.
Like every other incandescent glow I see each every damn day
The disappointment in her own life, it seems to have a way
Of taking itself out on every person she interacts with
Dont ask me for dirty details if you want those ask the Blacksmith
I won't condone his gossip but I guess I will point you his direction,
If he starts talking bout me, please don't believe him use discretion.
Track Name: Stay Calm
Yeah you're yelling and screaming and telling everyone to stay, calm.
Yeah you're making up reasons it's hard to believe em when sometimes, your wrong.
And I'm making believe and I'm changing the scene and I'm holding your palm.
And I'm falling in love with a girl who's nineteen and still lives with, her mom.

And I can't even imagine how badly you're panicking now that he's gone
But the Torah explores an idea that's similar to your problem.
And this last of the passengers just caught the train and she looks like someone.
Who could sing about milk duds and rooftops and Farris wheels she seems like fun.

Yeah you're yelling and screaming and telling everyone to stay, calm.
Yeah you're making up reasons it's hard to believe em when sometimes, your wrong.
Who could have known that this would be the last time I would speak to you.
Metal and bones and bliss and trees it's high time that I leave with you.

I stole some matches for my boo, I dragged the mattress to the roof, I FORGOT THAT RENT WAS DUE I NEVER THOUGHT ID GET WITH YOU.)

Yeah you're yelling and screaming and telling everyone to stay, calm.
Yeah you're making up reasons it's hard to believe em when sometimes, your wrong.
And I'm making believe and I'm changing the scene and I'm holding your palm.
And I'm falling in love with a girl whos nineteen and still lives with your mom
Track Name: ...this is twice now
This is twice now
That's a couple too many times

A couple new reasons to leave him behind

I'm leaving.
Believe it,
The Kia,
Just keep it
I'm taking the jeep, hoping i don't over heat it.

I'm chasin
Tragedy in the making
Girls I'm coming for you, driving fast the kias shaking.

I'm moving
Its humid,
I'm checking
The coolant
Got my roadtrip Playlist on and I'm groovin.

Alive in
the middle
Of nowhere
The pavement is dry, unlike my appetite.

The past isnt
It doesn't exist anymore
So just forget it but we're not finished yet it's
A burden
This version of
My life Without you
I'd chase you forever but you know im never learnin

Abuses, excuses
A human on the loose is
It to much I ask am I being intrusive?

Like ointment
Its poignant
I illustrate the point but
The question of the day is, 'am I a disappointment? '
Track Name: Sunflowers
Folks are begging me for money,
And I'm begging you for time,
While I spend mine trying to be funny.
And wondering if it's to soon to try
To figure out what is worth while
and what's just huge mistake
My favourite hockey teams on fire
But my friends what if they're fake?

I'm not sure if I'm I'm love with frisbee (music) or the people I play (make) it with.
Ill waste all day and night debating, if I even have have a say in this.

The sunflowers in the garden
grow ridiculously tall,
My heart grows soft but yours it hardens,
Like the mortar in brick walls.
The shade was incredibly perfect,
For it was a sweltering day,
But the drive out, was it worth it?
And have I still to actually pay?

If I ever get your attention I'll do my best to lose it.
The love triangle I neglected to mention is with you and I and music.
And I know she can live without me,
But can I live without her?
I need her appreciation and her stories her saliva and her words.
The disarray of modern dating, both a blessing and a curse,
I aim to stay away from hating , but the loving ends up worse.
So why the astronomical alienation yet again?
Simply put indecisiveness has become my best friend
Simply put indecisiveness has it's hidden benefits.
Simply put indecisiveness has Hit me with its fist,
I'd like to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed but that's a long shot.
"I'd like a lot of things too but on that list you are not."
Track Name: Seasonal_Sickness
You are my seasonal sickness.
I'm in a battle but babe I won't win this.
As I lay here,I'm an eyewitness.
To the passing time it is finished.

At least to me, it's just the way that it seems, I get left out, so I'll just leave.
No matter, what the problem is.
I will Clearly be the cause of it.

Sitting in the gutter,
The cold makes me shudder. ❄
It was the last day of winter when I realized I missed her.

After a couple years I'll forget about all these tears.
At least I hope that is the case I'm ready to just fly away.
To somewhere I have never been, to take in things I've never seen.
Sometimes it's still tough to breath.
I had gotten attached to your company.

Sailors sing about the waves
Tailors put things on display,
But my mind it is still on you,
I'll never believe we are through.
Track Name: Oh Orion
Oh orion
May I please borrow your belt because my pants are falling down you're all that's left I need your help.
Oh Big Dipper.
What do you even contain? And can you spare some for the little man down here without a name?

This guy
For the Highway

Big time
Wish I
Did things
my way

Fish eye

I'm shy
But im Kissing
On a Friday

Don't walk away
You better walk away
Hey there, Girl in the short skirt and long hair, you should have walked away.


You're lucky I'm here or you'd be dead.
I don't wanna fight anybody, like I already said.
I'm not gonna fight you, I'm just looking for my hat.
That is my hat now, he said but I found it first and ran.

I ran right across the street, to unit 103
Boo answered the door, I told her a hugs what I need,
And she obliged while I explained that there's a bad guy acting mean,
And he had his mind set on hurting me, which hurt my self esteem,

But later on that night with a guitar and my voice I forgave him,
Cuz what little christlikeness I have came through that night, god save him.