who even freed you?

by rawrwar

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Each of these songs features a different friend of mine singing.


released April 19, 2016

Thanks everybody who came over and sang.



all rights reserved


rawrwar Grande Prairie, Alberta

gritty and winsome acoustic rock with some electronic flair.

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Track Name: 2 Jail Cells (ft. Kaitlyn Budgell)
If we're two jail cells,
Imprisoned by ourselves.
I'm breaking into you.
Your breaking into me.

Let's go to the grande canyon,
They have a great coffee shop out there.
And as my pastor says,
You can't forget to start to finish
What you started years ago.
I'll ball you up like you are snow
And then I'll throw
And then I'll throw
I'll throw you over the edge of the cliff,
But only figuratively
I would never harm you physically
None of them will see you bleed
Your emotions have probably done enough.

Just give me a little sleep
I'm stricken with the disease.
I ask the Lord my soul to keep.
I've never prayed but Jesus please.
The saturation in the in the air today is at an all time low.
The world renowned are now on par with people you don't wanna know.
Track Name: Dirt (ft. Mikey Blue Shoes)
Sometimes the divine shows up first in the Dirt.
And I'm not saying you weren't trying, im just saying I got hurt.
And the fact that your the one who caused my pain's irrelevant,
But the fact that I avoid you now is not of malevolence.
I'm just out of my element.
I'm sick of your embellishments,
Nobody out here's innocent.
Not even girl scouts selling mints.

This elegance x5 that you decorate with, quite the accomplishment.

It's all just foolishness.

its all just full of shit.

So say, sayonara to the species that you've known.
All your life. Cuz tonight, your going where the wild things grow.
Take a bite, from the off white, that covers all the ground like snow,
And then wait for the effects of the poison on your soul,
I said just wait for the effects of the poison on your soul.

You could tell me anything and I'd believe it
Yeah You could tell me anything
I think i need it.
Track Name: No for an Answer (ft. Heidi Robertson)
You can't touch that anymore, anymore
It's not yours its not yours,
Never was, won't ever be.

I can't take no for an answer

Dont talk to me like that

Cuz of that, my gf,
she just left and disowned me.
And cuz if that Now she's my ex,
So now I'm stressed and I'm lonely,
My friends Arnt there fo me,
And the rest try to just own me,
If they can't they'll just stone me.
I won't contest that I'm phony,
Wish my ma would just phone me.
Now Im sleepin on a foamy,
Feeling just like the ol me,
2010, after grad ceremony
Way back when
Feeling so sorry for me
Then she said
Track Name: Spending 2016 in Prison (ft. Stankey Lankey)
If you come down and see me again.
I'll show you where my head has been.
And what I've been working on.
I'll watch your face as you listen.

If you need some time to make things right.
I'll give you what you need tonight.
I've seen sublime, but you're up tight.
You can feel decent for a price

The hand that's hard to hold has value
And as the man who gotten old can tell you,
Now is not the time, for slowing down,
Now I can be found downtown,
These flowers make sounds,

But on the outside, the ground is so white.
And when the shouts die off, we see the low tide.
Ive overdosed i, need medical attention please,
Contact my next of kin I need, someone to speak too.
Im feeling see through.
Who even freed you?
Crime doesn't seem to
Pay but the Police do
That's one thing that we knew.
You spilled the beans that we grew
And now You're out he's doomed.
Why would I even leave you?
Track Name: T'shuvah! (ft. Owen Brandt)
I feel you
The real you
I'll seal the
Ideal you

But soon i
Will Realize
I ruined ya

Turn back to the right path
Before its too late.
I thought you would be right back,
Don't you mean what you say?
You're excuses had better be based on the truth.
If they're made up so you can make out with her you'd
Be better off betting on a dead horse to win.
Cuz the chances that you'll never get caught are slim.

Please turn off your cell phone and look at my face,
And please forgive me for damaging your damn vase.
I know it meant a lot, know I mean what I say
When I point out that your keeping score's not okay.
Quick change your clothes, and the channel and your password and your locks.
Cuz when the tulips take your heart away they keep it in Fort Knox.