i hope they don't find me. do you remember where im supposed to go?

by rawrwar

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released December 11, 2015



all rights reserved


rawrwar Grande Prairie, Alberta

gritty and winsome acoustic rock with some electronic flair.

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Track Name: i
hope they don't find me. do you remember where im supposed to go?
Track Name: hope they don't
These days are taking over
Mayday I'm going over
Stay still the water looks like.
It's going to
swallow is whole.
By the time i met you
I knew everything there was to know.
Pass me a tissue.
These tears are getting out of control.

Why don't you stay up late anymore.
Wrath is not what's outside its right inside your door.
It grabs a hold of you the minute you get home.
But it's better to fit in than be Alone.

So take the safe road.
And please don't let go.
Don't check my pulse though.
My flaws are also.
Right on the surface.
Just sit beside me
You're poison ivy.
HOPE THEY DON'T mind me.
This time you have me feeling nervous.
Track Name: find me.
I've got a plan to clean this up.
It starts by me actin real Tough
Then forgiving everyone because
Redemption wears a boxing glove

You've gotta hear the plan I've got.
To save the world from all is Rot.
Then show up, realize I forgot,
Redemption is a juggernaut.

A little lake to dip my feet in.
Then mine me.
A dozen diamonds and some gold.
Show me
A motion picture I'll believe in.
You owe me
A million miles of open road.

I've got a story about a scar
It starts with me sitting in a bar,
It ends with me crashing a car,
Redemption wears ginger and smart.

I've got a relic you've never heard
Starts with darkness gets absurd
When the world is made by a single word.
Redemption makes sick people cured.

The more of this distance I create
between listlessness and my fate,
the better off my heart and would will be, the letter shot my sincerity.
Track Name: do you remember
DO YOU REMEMBER that night when it rained
He escaped his chains,
And everything changed,
And I was in pain.
The electrical flow
Made everything glow.
And I didn't know
Weather or not your were the one
Who would always be with me.
Ticking timebombs ticking swiftly.
Sticking with my identity.
Let's leave now will you leave with me

Now your off my mind. But I'm still thinking about something. And the something that I'm thinking about is still similar to you

I did not expect the direct result
of my neglect to be your assault.
In some respects it was all my fault.
Following thru on intent is so difficult.
You're the one Who has always been there with me.
You will try, to fix me.
Losing feeling to extremities.
Let's leave now will you leave with me?
Track Name: where i'm supposed to
If you need it tomorrow, I won't make you wait.
If you need it tonight. I'll make you pay.
If you need it that badly, I will not withhold.
But my wherewithal within will not give up or let you go.

If silence is a bad word, then I will let it slip.
As I quietly daydream bout the meeting of our lips.
I re-engage in conversation as we round the bend.
Knowing all to well that all of this will eventually end.

take me to the trees.
Take me to the snow.
Because as the wind blows.
I don't even know.
Just take me to the trees.
Take me to the snow.

Absolutely no remorse will be shown
As the silence slowly drifts into a Groan.
As the air goes sour I will soak it in.
As the violence starts I'll take one on the chin.
Pretending frailties a myth, the atmosphere is getting thick.
With glassy hearts becoming one, with the passive aggressive sun.
In kinda done.
Track Name: go?
keep near this place, so I can see you protected
(From this)
Deep seated rage, unmitigated contempt. It

Comes in small doses but it adds up,
I can't pretend the ropes won't get most of us.
I hold to hope, cuz she's my crutch.
The reason I don't self destruct.

Don't come back till the morning.
I'll be gone by then.
GO on, get out.

You threaten to leave I leap with fear.
I gotta make a moat just to keep you here.
Ill wince and walk through the process To construct it.
Then Ill go do something self destructive.

I decide to take a different route.
What's a girl to do when she finds out.
I know you knew I mean you must've.
I think il go do something self destructive.

Don't come back till the morning.
I'll be gone by then.
Go on! Get out!

The incandescence is such a bother.
I'm hesitant to become a robber.
You brushed my hand, I felt you touch it
Then I pretend to be self destructive
The isolation like a stormcloud.
The rhythmic bass is always so loud.
I lost control. you know how much this.
Brings out my tendency to be self destructive